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Volunteer Opportunities

Many people contribute many talents to the lessons produced by New Literacies Alliance. If you have talents to share and would like to be involved in upcoming development efforts, please contact one of our Project Leaders.

The time commitment for volunteers is approximately 20 hours per semester.

Content Creators

  • Contribute to the design and development of pedagogical content and activities within a lesson.
  • Key roles and responsibilities:
    1. Provide subject expertise and academic rigor in peer-reviewed content creation;
    2. Create the content for modules, lessons, and pedagogical activities;
    3. Collaborate with Working Group members;
    4. Collaborate with Content Reviewers in preparing modules and lessons for developers;
    5. Devise and articulate the outcomes addressed in modules and lessons that correlate with institutional, state, professional, and national accreditation and standards.

Developers/Instructional Designers

  • Adapt lesson content into the SoftChalk Cloud online learning platform.
  • Key roles and responsibilities:
    1. Provide instructional design leadership;
    2. Lead technological growth and future development;
    3. Collaborate with Content Reviewers and Content Creators in lesson plan creation.

Assessment Researchers

  • Academic educational assessment experts who create and execute a methodological research design measuring the educational outcomes of the consortium curriculum.
  • Key roles and responsibilities:
    1. Provide assessment design and leadership for consortial program growth and development;
    2. Lead the IRB review and submission process.


  • Provide programming support for consortium technological infrastructure, specifically in the creation of a dashboard and technological expansion of consortium capacities.
  • Key roles and responsibilities:
    1. Create and maintain dashboard;
    2. Develop consortium project technological capacities relating to assessment, identity management, customized learning paths, etc.;
    3. Collaborate with Instructional Designers and Working Group.

Copy Editors

  • Journalists who provide professional copy editing for consortium products.
  • Key roles and responsibilities:
    1. Copy editing;
    2. Communications expertise;
    3. Provide editing for consortium communication documents, deliverables, lessons and modules;
    4. Collaborate with Working Group and Content Creators.

Deans’ Group

  • The leading committee for the consortium comprised of Deans/Directors from consortium member institutions.
  • Key roles and responsibilities:
    1. Provide leadership for consortium success at the respective partner institutions;
    2. Provide guidance for the Working Group regarding infrastructure, scope, and targeted user groups;
    3. Give institutional and position description support for consortium contributors;
    4. Provide resources and personnel for consortium success;
    5. Provide grant-seeking leadership;
    6. Facilitate consortium’s institutional, state, national, and international outcomes.