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Project History

Defining Ideas

The NLA was imagined as an interdisciplinary leveling platform for information literacy instruction, ensuring all students have been introduced to basic information literacy concepts before they engage with a librarian during an instruction session. These are the principles that drove the design of the project.

Technological Advantages

  • Technology, vendor, and institution-neutral
  • ADA and mobile compliant
  • NLA branded, but institution branding may introduce or frame the content
  • Open source
  • Open access, Creative Commons licensed (attribution, non-commercial, no derivatives, but lessons and modules can be used a la carte)

Educational Advantages

  • Focus on metaliteracies
  • Outcomes-based instruction (that begins with the learning objectives)
  • Leveling platform – designed to bring all students to the same level and provide consistency for Kansas Board of Regents (KBOR) and institutional partners

Institutional Advantages

  • Peer-reviewed content
  • Sustainable – better than each institution creating the content itself
  • Curricular standardization between partners

The Early Days

timeline of NLA events. Link goes to PDF.
Early NLA History

This project began in 2010 with the support of the Council of Deans and Directors of Libraries (CODDL), a group of library directors of state colleges and universities within the Kansas Board of Regents schools.

The PDF (left) is a poster in which you can see the partnerships and major events through 2013.

Project Alumni

We gratefully acknowledge the help, advice, and work contributed by these valued people who have helped this project along the way.

Heather Collins (Steering Committee Member, 2012-2018)
Anne Huffman, MLS
Andrea Baer, PhD, MS, MA
Karen Tarnow, RN, PhD
Lorraine Buchanan, RN, MS
Shannon Hennessy
Karen Cole, Ed.D. (Project Sponsor, 2012-2013)
Holger Lenz, MLS, MA, MA
Marc Nash, MS
Hongmin Li, MS
Sara Robertson, MLS
Lisa Loberg
Sharon Kumm, RN, MN, MS, CCRN
Heather Healy, MA, MLS
Julie Hartwell, MLS
Ashley Flinn
Jessica Reyes, MA
Tara Mosier
Amy Ritterskamp
Karen K. Anderson