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For Librarians


As a librarian, you are an information literacy ambassador to your school. In order to facilitate communication regarding NLA with your faculty, department heads, and other stakeholders, we have provided two resources below that you are free to use at your convenience.

NLA Instructor Primer

Lessons developed by NLA challenge students to critically engage with and create information. Use of the online lessons in courses and programs ensures that students have a baseline conceptual understanding of finding, evaluating, sharing, and creating information. These lessons invite reflection and application of learning at strategic points in a course. Faculty, instructors, and librarians can build on these interdisciplinary materials and invite students to engage further with discipline- and course-specific information literacy concepts.

The NLA Instructor Primer was developed to help librarians and instructors communicate about the pedagogical approach and logistics of choosing and using lessons. We hope you find it helpful.

Elevator Pitch

Not sure how to succinctly explain NLA to your stakeholders? Feel free to use this “elevator pitch” to briefly explain what it is and how they can use it.

"The New Literacies Alliance (NLA) is a multi-institutional collaborative effort that creates and shares a broad range of online information literacy lessons. These ACRL Framework-based lessons can be embedded in websites and LibGuides, and can be incorporated into most learning management systems. Because sharing is key to our mission, each lesson features a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license. Our content is not tied to any one institution so educators can use and adapt the material as they see fit."


Librarians seeking help with troubleshooting installations or problems with lessons should write to