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Popular Sequences

Strategic Selection of Lessons

Faculty and librarians have employed lessons in flipped-classroom style or as supplements to assignments in semester-long courses. Depending on your course objectives, assignments, and perceived student needs, you might choose to focus on particular skill areas. Below are some popular skill development areas and the lesson sequences used.

Developing and exploring a research question

Ask the Right Questions + Search Strategies

Academic research and writing

Question Authority + Scholarly Conversations

In-depth evaluating information

Types of Information + Value of Information + Question Authority

Digital information today

Access Matters + Value of Information

Preparing a manuscript

Scholarly Conversations + Citations

Evidence-based practice

Question Authority + Scholarly Conversations + Search Strategies

Research foundations

Ask the Right Questions + Types of Information + Search Strategies

Evaluating information

Types of Information + Question Authority

Information in society

Value of Information + Access Matters + Question Authority + Scholarly Conversations